Our Mission

To make disciples of Jesus Christ in word and deed: We are passionate about meeting people where they are, walking along side, and seeking new ways to be like Jesus, making a positive difference for the transformation of the world.


You have a unique personality, way of being in the world. You have a story that is all your own and we want you to share it with us.


We are a community of faith, seeking out your voice and your story, so that together we can change the world for the better.


God can do amazing things through the power of prayer, action and voice. Together we can make a difference for Jesus.

Our Beliefs

As a United Methodist church, we believe in the Holy Trinity - God, the creator, Jesus, the savior, and the Holy Spirit, the sustainer. We believe that Christ calls his people to live in peace, seeking justice, and above all, loving each person as a child of God with sacred worth.

Yes, do it! Love people! All people are called to love like Jesus. Jesus loved and loves all people. We are called to do the same. There are no exceptions to this rule. Jesus gave his life in order to show just how much he loved us. We don’t get to pick and choose who we are supposed to love. We are just supposed to do it! Love!
Nope. Don’t do it! We are called to love and not hate. While we have many people in our lives who may cause us pain, we are called to forgiveness, not hate. There is no one person or group of people we are called to hate. Just don’t do it!
Experience it and share it! Jesus calls us to live in joy! While we know there is pain in life, we also know there is joy in Christ. When we surrender to God and the good work he is doing in our lives, we can find pure joy!

All life is sacred. Each breath we are given is a gift given by God. We are called to protect it, enrich it, and live it. We do not get to decide whose life is more or less sacred, only God can do that.
Jesus did not say we would not struggle, but that he would be with us in the struggle. Surely we all have seasons of struggle, but we are called to patience, trust and faith.
Jesus is Lord of all and Servant of all. We are called to be servants, with Christ – to our neighbor, our church, our community and our world. How will you join us to serve?

Loving God. Loving People.

Our Leaders

God has called so many talented people to our church and we are so thankful for their continued service: in worship, in music, in administration, with children, and with our space. We are thankful for all they do for us and our community.



Vicky Martinez has lived in Rifle for many years and is excited to begin her pastoral ministry at this church where she has spent over a decade in service already!



Jourdan LaBeau is our Sunday School Teacher for 3rd – 5th grade. He love Jesus and children, and lives this our in his life. He teaches social studies at Rifle Middle School, as well as coaches football and basketball.



Our Administrative Assistant since January 2015. Jeanette’s passion is meeting people where they are and inviting them into the community.



Scott Marsh has been our custodian, along with his wife Angela, since December 2011. Our buildings are used by many groups throughout the week, which keeps him on his toes. Scott also has a full time job with CDOT.



Our Director of Music Ministries has been with us since October 2012. Anna’s gift of music and her passion for Christ, show in all that she does.



Shelia Estes leads our singing at the 9 a.m. worship service on Sundays and teaches music to our children once a month. Shelia’s family has been part of this church for generations, and has loved to sing praises to God!



Want to worship with us?

Join us on Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. for a chapel style worship, or at 10:30 a.m. for a celebration worship with choir and children's time!

Or, join us for Oasis, an intimate service held at 5pm on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month in the Lovell building next to the church.