“Don’t just go to church, be the church.”Adam McClane

Our Ministries

Children and Family

  • Parent’s Night Out

    Every 3rd Friday of the month, drop your kids off at the church for free childcare (tips encouraged) while you and your spouse enjoy a night on the town! (or a night in, we won’t judge).

  • Parents

    Prayer calls of encouragement from parent to parent, or from kid to kid, allow each person to know they are not alone. God is with them, and so are we!

  • Sunday School

    Weekly Children’s Sunday school, beginning after children’s time in worship is a great way for kids to meet other kids and learn scripture about God’s love for them .

  • Children’s Choir

    Children’s choir is a great way for kids to learn how much Jesus loves them and the world, through song. Singing praises with friends is always fun!


  • Choir

    Choir is a great way to get to know people if you love music. Weekly rehearsals are not just about learning music, but are also about sharing life with others.

  • Special Music

    Want a more intimate way to share music? Don’t sing, but play an instrument? We have special music in worship at 9 a.m. all the time! Come share your gift.

  • Special occasion

    Music doesn’t just happen in the sanctuary or with our voices. Christmas caroling, Easter brass quintets, tambourines and more are just some ways to praise.

  • Summer

    Summer specials allow for anyone to sing, dance, play and pray in worship while the choir takes a break. Music comes in all shapes and sounds.

Bible Studies

  • Sunday Morning

    Sunday mornings at 8 a.m., we study the scripture for worship. Bring your Bible and join us before worship.

  • Tuesday Drop-By

    Meets at 12 noon! Bring your Bible and lunch and we’ll discuss current topics, sermon texts, or do a seasonal study.

  • Vaught-Smith Bible Study

    Join Stephen and Grace Vaught-Smith at 6:30pm Mondays at their home in Rifle for fellowship and a dive into God’s Word. Catch Stephen or Grace in service or contact the church office for their address.


  • Free Coat Rack

    All winter long, we have a FREE Coat rack just inside our front doors! Anyone who needs a coat, young or old, is welcome to take one! Thanks to Canyon Cleaners and donations from all around town, we are able to provide clean, gently used coats to keep families warm.

  • Pregnancy Resource

    We proudly support the Pregnancy Resource Center here in Rifle with financial support, as well as diaper and clothing drives! All mothers in all situations need help with their children! “It takes a village!”


    The United Methodist Committee On Relief helps people in need all over the world. We prepare Birthing Kits, Cleaning Buckets, and collect donations to help people suffering from natural disasters, living in poverty, and simply needing vaccinations or medicine.


    We support UNICEF with a trick-or-treat offering each year – providing children all over the world with the necessities to live: school supplies, clean water, vaccinations and more.

Open Cupboard

  • Food Pantry

    Our Open Cupboard Food Pantry is open 25 hours a week and has non-perishable food, as well as fresh produce and frozen meats and vegetables when available. We have a “Have some, leave some. Need some, take some.” policy. Over the past year we’ve been able to expand out pantry space and we’re excited to share what we have with all in need.

  • Extended Table

    We partner with Lift-Up, and other local area churches and non-profits to put on a community meal every Tuesday and Thursday night at 5 p.m. This meal is prepared by different volunteers and is open to all in the community. During this meal, the Food Pantry is always open.

  • Good Samaritan

    We have some funding available for those who may be extremely down on their luck – we work with the ROC – Reach Out Colorado – to determine if we can help house people for a night or two. Through this program we also have gas cards and bus vouchers to help those who may need help for a small amount of time to get to work or an appointment that is just out of town.


  • In the Community

    We work with a number of organizations in the community! If you’d like to get hooked up with one to volunteer your time, let us know!

  • Around the Church

    Sunday mornings as a greeter or helping visitors, or during the week cleaning the kitchen, or tidying up our Sunday school rooms.

  • Weekly Office

    Answering the phone, folding and stuffing mailers, or other office duties!


  • We Will Pray for You

    We will pray for you, your friends and your family. Whatever your prayer needs are, we will pray. You’re welcome to join us in prayer any time too!

  • Care List Prayer

    We publish a weekly prayer list with all our prayer requests, just stop by the office, or email us, and we’ll get you a copy so you can pray too!

  • Join a Prayer Group

    Want to pray with a group of people? We have groups that get together just to pray. Surely there is one that meets your schedule. Let us know when you can pray and we’ll find a group for you!

  • Tuesday Prayer Group

    Join us in the Lovell building, Tuesdays at 4pm, to pray for our church, community, and all those in need.